DIY – bookshelf in our living room

Last year, in May, we took a very important decision: the books that used to gather in our bedroom, or on/under the desk, squeezed into our old library will have their “lebensraum”. So, we started searching the best alternative to have a new bookshelf: buy one already made, or DIY (do it yourself). After a few calculations, we decided that we will save some money if we will build it ourselves (me and my husband). So we started to buy the raw materials:

  • Spruce boards already dried, half planed from Praktiker (8 boards of  200x30x18 cm each at a price of 40 Ron/pcs);
  • 2 long strips of 2500x44mm, 10 Ron/pcs;
  • Screws (a 30 pieces bag in price of 3 Ron);
  • Small metal rivets that are inserted in the wood for sustaining the shelves (0.04 Ron/pcs we bought  100 but in reality we used 24, so in total we spent 4 Ron on the rivets);
  • Wood polish, (16 Ron 750 ml can);
  • 2 brushes with the price of 9.5 Ron each;
  • Together with these materials we bought some meat, beer and juices for a barbeque that we made with our friends that helped us (they provided us their empty room in their villa to construct the bookshelf).

In total, we spent the huge sum of 437.5 Ron. In time, the whole construction took 2 afternoons, a Saturday and Sunday. Bellow is the list of the tools we used:

  • Electric saw;
  • Drills for wood of  5, 7 and 10 size;
  • Power drill;
  • Tape measure;
  • triangle + ruller + carpenter pencil;
  • 2 brushes for painting the shelves.

Here you can see some photos taken during the assembly:

DIY – bookshelf

however, the most important thing we achieved was the teamwork together with my husband. This was our first project entirely made by that two of us, with fights, without broken heads:). Each time I look at our bookshelf, my heart is filled with joy and a little pride, because we were capable to project, draw and assembly with our own hands this small library. The result made us confident that we can do work in our home by ourselves and we decided that we will make more projects like this one.

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