DIY – Bedroom dressing

In June 2010, after an action in which we cleaned some walls from our apartment, we decided (me and my husband) to build a dressing in our bedroom. The reason was that the two old closets were already fully-stuffed with clothes and, because of their size and design; we never could arrange them so they will not eat precious space in the room. So we dismantled them, made an project on paper and went to buy the necessary raw materials:

4 OSB boards (we cut them in half in length – the cutting was free) costs us 38.9 Ron/pcs, they had the thickness of 10 mm, so total 155.6 Ron. If we took OSB with thickness of 20 or 25 mm they would be more expensive (63-73 Ron/pcs = 195-219 Ron), and because we wanted 4 vertical compartments, then we would need 3 boards, so the loss of material would be ½ of a board.

The shelves were made from the old closets parts, and if you do not have such materials, then you can make them also from OSB boards, but be careful because they are not very smooth, if you do not paint or rap them in paper they will damage your clothes.

The L-shape metallic profiles with whom we attached theOSB boards to the wall, ceiling and floor had a price of 32buc x 0.80lei =25.6 lei.

We bought also some screws – 1000 pcs = 13 Ron (not from a hypermarket because there they could buy them a pack of 8 pcs for 4 lei and in a local shop we found then at a better price), 2 metal necklaces in which we inserted the pipe for the curtain (2.8 Ron each necklace) and the baskets that we use as drawers had the price of 9 Ron/pcs. Also, we bought a stainless steel pipe for the curtain with the length of 3 m and the price of 29,6 lei from Praktiker.

The curtain that we use for hiding the clothes from view was bought from a Brasov local market and it had the price of 10 Ron (it was a garage sale) and, because it is made from flax, it allows the clothes to “breath”. If you will buy a new curtain from a shop, it will cost you around 100 Ron (with the sewing). The rings that we attached to the curtain so that we can easily take it down from the pipe when we want to wash it had a price of 0.02 Ron/pcs.

Another thing: we painted the wall behind the dressing with white paint, so that both the wall and the clothes should be protected.

Bellow you can see a slide-show with photos from the construction of the dressing:

Bedroom dressing
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